Osteopathy Courses in Australia

University-of-Western Osteopathy is a major branch of complementary Medical Sciences. Osteopathy deals with the medical treatment and medical care of human musculoskeletal system. This is an emerging field of Complimentary Medicine and there exists a lot of career potential across various fields of Osteopathy such as musculoskeletal care, osteopathic medicines and osteopathic health sciences.

In fact there are very few academic institutions of global reputation in the field of Osteopathy education but Australia boasts of three universities of international reputation. Post Graduate qualifications in Osteopathy are available for international candidates in these Australian universities, namely, University of Western Sydney, Victoria University and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT).

The University of Western Sydney offers Master of Science in Podiatry, Osteopathy, Chinese Medicine, and Sports Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Podiatry, Osteopathy, Chinese Medicine and Sports Science. Cost of education is AUS $10300 per session for doctoral degree and AUS $9270 per session for Master degree. Doctoral degree can be completed within three to four years while Master degree takes about one to two years for completion.

The Victoria University awards a Master degree, Master of Health Science in Osteopathy, for successful candidates. It requires one to two years of regular university education to obtain this degree. Cost of education is approximately AUS $10,500 per semester.

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) conducts two Master level programmes such as Master of Osteopathic Science by Research and Master of Osteopathy for all interested candidates. Master of Osteopathic Science by Research is a two to three year long academic programme and tuition fee is about AUS $24,960 a year. Master of Osteopathy requires one to two years of on-campus education and cost of this course comes about AUS $22,560 a year for overseas students.

More information about these courses can be availed from the respective university websites.