Optometry and Orthoptic Studies in Australia

Optometry Optometry and Orthoptic Studies in Australia are conducted at the La Trobe University; Queensland University of Technology; University of Sydney; University of Melbourne and University of New South Wales.

La Trobe University offers one year duration Graduate Diploma in Orthoptic Studies and cost of this programme is approx. AUS $18,720 a year for overseas candidates.

Queensland University of Technology conducts a three year duration Bachelor of Vision Science and educational cost of the programme is about AUS $13,250 per semester for international applicants.

University of New South Wales offers several specialized courses in Optometry such as a dual programme, Bachelor of Optometry/Bachelor of Science; Doctor of Philosophy (Research) in Optometry; Graduate Certificate in Optometry; Graduate Diploma in Community Eye Health; Master of Community Eye Health; Master of Optometry and Vision Science and Master of Science (Research) in Optometry. Cost of each programme will be about AUS $26,000 a year. Duration of bachelor level programmes is about three years while master level programmes may take one to two years for completion. Doctoral level programmes are for over three years.

University of Sydney is popular for its master level programmes, Master of Applied Science (Orthoptics) and Master of Orthoptics (Graduate Entry). Cost of the programme is about AUS $13,000 per semester for overseas students and duration of the programme is between one and two years.

University of Melbourne offers Bachelor of Optometry; Master of Optometry (by Research) and Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Clinical Optometry. Cost of the course is approx. AUS $13000 a year.

Besides these universities, Open Training and Education Network, Australia, Vocational Study Australia and School of Ophthalmic Optics, Australia offer a Certificate IV in Optical Dispensing for interested overseas students. This is a certificate level academic programme, duration of which varies from three months to one year. Cost of the entire course will be approximately AUS $10000 for international students.