Online Religious Studies Degree Programs

Obtaining online religious studies degrees is the smart way to combine faith and professional career. The advent of online education system has contributed much to the expansion and growth of religious studies. There are two principal areas towards which you can turn your career with religious studies online. One area involves career in environment that is entirely spiritual. Other area involves career in faith-driven sectors.

Popular US schools

United Sates is home to large numbers of online religious studies schools. These schools cater to the wider needs of both home students and abroad students. Christian theology degrees offered by these online schools promise wide ranges of career options to aspiring candidates from across the world.

Some of the US schools which are known to offer exclusive infrastructure for pursuing online religious studies include Sterling College, Liberty University Online, Grand Canyon University, Colorado Christian University, and Benedictine University.

Preferred religious degree programs

Popular religious study programs which are on offer in US schools and which are preferred by large numbers of aspiring students include:

Bachelor of Arts [BA] in Theology and Ministry

It is a major program in theology as well as ministry. The program is designed for students who want to be trained comprehensively with multi-ethnic and multi-faceted concepts concerning the Biblical philosophy and theology. This program is also recommended to students who want to enter law school, attend seminary training or pursue other graduate programs. Students can avail this valuable course in divinity from Sterling College located at Sterling in Kansas.

Bachelor of Arts [BA] in Christian Studies

It is one of the flagship programs offered by Grand Canyon University. Learners of this program are led through exhaustive study of the Bible. This study and training provide base for earning the degree. Students who pursue this program are offered four concentrations known as Biblical or Theological Studies, Pastoral Ministry, Youth Ministry and Christian Leadership.

Prospective career avenues

Most of the students who opt for theology as their career field take up teaching profession at religious institutes. Large numbers of theology aspirants who prefer to earn clergymen-related career get employed at various research positions as well as leadership positions in churches and temples.

If you have theology degrees through on line studies pattern and you are interested in gearing up your career in non-clergy area, you have career options as varied as religious systems management; social work and counseling; academic arena; life ministries; publishing; nonprofit organizations; marketing; business management and museums and arts.