Obtaining Private Pilot License in Europe

Obtaining Private Pilot License in Europe may ensure high professional prospect for many students who want to establish their career in aviation industry. There are several prestigious pilot training clubs and flight schools in Europe. These organizations offer topnotch flying training to aspiring students from across the world. Private Pilot License earned from any of these flight schools can open a floodgate of career opportunities.

How to proceed

People generally receive pilot training for two reasons – in pursuance of career or in pursuance of hobby. In either of the cases, you would require to attend a flight school or get a membership of a flight club if you desire to earn Private Pilot License in Europe.

Required training

The flight school or flight club you are associated with would require you to achieve at least forty hours of flying time training before it would confer on you Private Pilot License. Some students are also required to possess sixty to eighty hours of flying time training. But possessing flying time training is not the only requirement.

Written examination

You would also require to appear and qualify a written examination for being finally eligible to pursue flying training and win a PPL. The written examination generally includes seven topics. All the questions are put in multiple-choice pattern and they mainly include these seven topics.

Training program

After you pass the written examination, you would be declared eligible for taking up the flight training program. Flight training generally starts under the supervision of a skilled and experienced flight instructor. During the initial fifteen to twenty hours, the trainees get familiar with safety measures and maneuvers related to aircraft flying. They are given elaborate training and instructions about climbing, taking off, turning and landing an aircraft.

After completion of this segment, training starts for the next stage which consists of twenty to fifty flying hours. During this stage, you may be required to handle cross-country flights under the supervision of your instructor. Gradually, you would learn how to navigate the flight properly. Then, you would be required to demonstrate your flying skills in solo flights as well as solo cross-country flights.

Finally, you would be required to demonstrate your flying skills in a check-ride. Certified examiner who conducts the check-ride may also ask you some questions. If you pass the check-ride, you would be given the Private Pilot License.