NYU Steinhardt: Prestigious Seat of Art Education

Department of Art and Art Professions which is run and managed by renowned NYU Steinhardt attains high fame in international art arena. This institute is located in Village East near New York City. NYU Steinhardt has long been a major seat of art and art lovers. The institute’s Master of Fine Art or MFA degree program and Bachelor of Fine Art or BFA degree program invite art lovers from overseas countries in large numbers.

Downtown New York is known to be a global hot seat of innovative art. It has been attracting art students and art admirers from every part of the world. The cosmopolitan environment of the area surrounds New York University [NYU] which is home to large numbers of visual artists. These artists get opportunities to work with eminent performers, theorists, philosophers and scientists.

The popularity of NYU Steinhardt as a prestigious BFA and MFA school has reached a consolidated position now. The BFA and MFA programs offered by the institute are interdisciplinary in nature. These studio art programs are amalgamation of cultural theory, sculpture, computer art, design, painting, video, ceramics, performance, metal fabrication, curatorial projects and installation.

Department of Art and Art Professions also offers MA degree programs that include Art Education, Visual Culture, Visual Arts Administration, Art Therapy, Costume Studies and Art Therapy. The department’s doctoral degree program includes courses in Art Education and Visual Culture. Doctoral program is mainly availed by people who want to enter academic or research field.

NYU Steinhardt’s campus and surrounding environment is highly charged. There are various art galleries, schools, museums, studios as well as performance centers around New York City. These locations are integral part of New York University’s campus. They serve as academic and intellectual resources of the university and make it highly conducive for learning any discipline of art education.

For the larger interests of the students, the institute has also established some inter-school collaboration with Stern School of Business, Steinhardt’s Department of Media Culture and Communication and Tisch School of the Arts. Apart from it, the institute has also struck some off-site collaboration with PERFORMA, International Center for Photography and Urban Glass Workshop in Brooklyn.