NROTC Scholarships

Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps scholarship program, more famously referred as NROTC Scholarship offers students both the chance of enjoying their academic life and adventurous life. The scholarship amount for NROTC includes $180000 to cover tuition and other expenses. 

It’s not just about the money, NROTC scholarship winners also get the chance to learn valuable life saving and leadership skills from the Navy. Winners of the NROTC scholarship also learn more about the Naval Science through their regular semester programs. Students also can enjoy weekly drills and the chance to wear the prestigious naval uniform without spending a single penny.

Winners also can participate in the Summer Cruise Training program where they can learn significantly from navy officers about – nuclear submarine, train aboard a carrier, ashore aviation and about the naval duties of other countries.

NROTC scholarship covers tuition cost, laboratory fees, expenses towards books and other materials etc. In addition it provides for a fixed allowance per month to the winner. A freshman winner of NROTC scholarship gets an allowance of $250, a sophomore gets $300, a junior student gets $350 and a senior student gets $400 per month. The scholarship program of NROTC covers more than 150 top rated colleges and universities in US.

NROTC scholarship for nursing students will help them to get a good nursing career in the navy and also serve as an officer therein. In order to be eligible for the NROTC scholarship students should meet not only high academic standards but also physical and mental standards as well. NROTC scholarship is applicable only for US citizens between the ages of 17 and 23, so that the student doesn’t reach the age of 27 during graduation and commissioning.

In order to be eligible students should have completed their high school graduation or equivalent certificate by August 1st of the year of application submission. Applicants also should not have been convicted for any immoral or criminal offense.

Students should actively think about applying to NROTC by the second semester of their junior year at high school. In order to apply student should first authorize the testing agency to release their scores directly to the NROTC office. NROTC will not accept scores from the students or their schools.

Minimum SAT scores for an applicant should be 530 for critical reading and 520 for mathematics. Minimum ACT scores are 21 for mathematics and 22 for English. Further the applicant must be in the top ten percent in their respective class and should have applied to atleast 3 affiliated NROTC colleges.