New Zealand Universities that offer doctoral courses in Literature

If one aspires to pursue a doctoral course in Literature at a New Zealand University, then one need not spend much time on deciding which one. That’s the main benefit when there are just two New Zealand Universities offering this particular doctoral course. Further, there is just one doctoral course in Literature offered through each of the two New Zealand Universities. However, when there are lesser Universities offering a particular course in any country, then one must be prepared for some real tough competition.

A New Zealand University that offers a Doctoral course in Comparative Literature is ‘University of Auckland’. This is a full time doctoral course in Literature that costs a course fee of 5,100 New Zealand Dollars for every academic year. To get into this New Zealand University, one needs to have obtained one out of the two following academic qualifications.

  • A very high first class in one’s Bachelor of Arts Degree.
  • A first or a second class in one’s Master of Arts Degree.

The cut off date for applications to be sent for this doctoral course in Literature at ‘University of Auckland’ is 7th July of 2010. If your application is accepted by this New Zealand University then you would be among the very few that get to study at one of the three best Universities in the whole of the Australasia region.

The only other option to pursue a doctoral course in Literature at New Zealand is ‘Victoria University of Wellington’. This New Zealand University offers a doctoral course in English Literature. This doctoral course in Literature is the most sought after by those who are looking at a teaching career in English. The cost of this doctoral course in Literature would be somewhere around 17,730 New Zealand Dollars. To get in here one must be pursuing

  • A Master’s by thesis while applying, or
  • Must have completed a Bachelor’s or a Master’s and must have obtained a first or second class in the respective Degree.

There is no worry of hunting for an accommodation at New Zealand if you enrolled into either of these New Zealand Universities. Usually, catered and non catered accommodations are available. This choice must be made after consulting the cost of either of the two accommodation types that are available and one’s preference of food. So, make sure to have a word with the authorities regarding your accommodation preferences and requirements.