New York State Regents Exam

The New York High School Regents Exam tests the students in a majority of academic subjects. The examination began in 1876 and is still continuing today. Students who pass this exam successfully get the Regents diploma that is a bit helpful during college admission.

The main purpose of the Regents exam was to ensure that students were well prepared for advanced studies after high school. But does this exam have relevance in today’s world? Many experts believe that the New York State Regents Exam have lost its relevance today.

A majority of students now appear for competitive exams like SAT and ACT. These tests ascertain how competent the students are for college studies. So the Regents exams are actually not required any more. The importance of the tests have also declined in the fact that many students just cram the past exams of the Regent, learn the materials at home and then appear for the exams in June.

But there many who still believe that the importance of the Regents exam has not got diluted. They opine that this exam actually compels the majority of the students to study thoroughly throughout the year. If a student manages an ‘A’ grade in the exam, then it will carry some weight in the college admission process. An ‘A’ grade means that the student has studies all the year and has met the high standards by Regent.

The teachers also feel motivated because they know what the Regent exam standards are and hence encourage the students more to concentrate on their studies. The standard of the examination has remained stable over the years. The publishers too, on their part, have an incentive to publish high quality study and guide books every year.

The standard of the examination is not dependant on the quality of the students or the reputation of the school. Hence the students just cannot decide to omit a topic altogether as it will be impossible for the teachers to modify the standards of the examination. So there is no point in acceding to the demands of the students.

The Regents examination is highly revered by the teachers. The exam compels the teachers to go beyond the curriculum. This helps to enrich the knowledge of the students and they become more ambitious to do well.