Neonatologist: How To Become A Successful Neonatologist

Neonatology is a specialized branch of medical science that concentrates exclusively on the health and safety of newborns, premature babies and sick babies. Neonatology poses several challenges for the doctors who practice it.

A neonatologist needs to have the professional approach and mental composition to attend to and meet the demands of the welfare of babies.
Becoming a neonatologist is a long journey consisting of elaborate studies and plenty of hard work. It normally takes 18 years, beginning from high school to get a specialization degree in neonatology.

The normal course of being a neonatologist involves spending four years in high school followed by four years of college at the end of which you get a graduate degree. After graduation one has to complete four years of mandatory medical school. A medical school degree makes you eligible for three years of pediatric studies and internship. After successfully completing pediatric residency and acquiring experience as a General Pediatrician, one can apply for three years of neonatology fellowship.

Specialization in neonatology is completed in three years and the study program includes doing clinic time that encompasses spending time in in-patient department and dealing with circumstances involving emergency situations. Along with all this one has to attend daily lectures and medical conferences if any. The doctors are also made to do compulsory night shifts in the pediatric department.

While doing neonatology fellowship the under study pediatric doctors are also responsible for the care of sick and premature newborn babies who are admitted in the neonatal intensive care units. Combined with your medical knowledge and experience in the pediatric field you will be expected to expertly deal with various problems and diseases seen in newborns. In the fourteen years of your study in medical school you will have to take a series of examinations including.

National Medical Examinations that will make you eligible for medical school degree and internship. On clearing the exam you can also start practicing as a General Physician in your state. Pediatric Board Examination will be conducted during the final year of your pediatric residency. You can become a pediatric specialist after clearing the board exam.

The final exam is given in the last year of neonatal fellowship. Once you clear this exam you get two certificates; one in neonatal medical science and the other in peri-natal medical science.