NCLEX Examination

NCLEX Examination Getting into a good nursing school is a tough job and students say that getting out of it is even tougher. The applicants pass a battery of pre-requisite classes and get accepted into a nursing school.

And we have not yet mentioned the hours of clinicals that one has to put in. But when does one finally become a nurse? Well, let me tell you that the NCLEX – RN is the last hurdle which you need to overcome to become a registered nurse.

What is NCLEX – RN exam?

The acronym NCLEX stands for National Council Licensure Exam. The Examination is administered by a nursing board that represents the 50 states of US, District of Columbia and 5 US territories. The test is a very rigorous one and it checks the competencies of the candidates for the nursing profession. The exam has been equated to a marathon by many experts and it is important to point out that preparing well for the NCLEX exam is the only way to clear this one.

The NCLEX exam is a test which determines your capacity to start work as an entry level nurse. The number of questions varies from 75 to 275. This test is different from the other tests. The NCLEX exam is a computer adaptive exam which means that the computer, once you answer a question correctly, can gauge your competency and will gradually increase the difficulty level of the questions as the tests slowly progresses. If you still answer the questions correctly then you will ultimately reach the level where you will get the toughest questions of the examination. This is really good as it tests the knowledge to the fullest.


When you reach the stage where you are asked harder questions, it generally means that the computer is satisfied with your knowledge. This is really a good indication that you will clear the exam and get the coveted certification for which you have been preparing so hard for all this time.

Points to consider

Many students have often complained after giving the exam that they were consistently asked very basic questions. This is because they were stuck in the low level. If you face a same dilemma then remember that you need to get out of that level as fast as possible. The low level consists of basic questions like what is the normal body temperature and where is the cranium located et al.

It is a known fact that these are all basic questions and even a non-medical student can answer these. So unless you do well in these set of questions and get promoted to the harder level, your chances of getting certified is very bleak.

NCLEX Examination

When you are appearing for the NCLEX exam you must think of a good strategy. There are a lot of questions that are asked in NCLEX. But it is impossible to anticipate questions and prepare for the exam and you just cannot be sure that whatever that questions will only come from what you have learned. Remember there are around 70,000 medications and innumerable number of ailments and diseases.

So it is virtually impossible to learn all those and come to the examination hall. So memory is something that will not be of any help here. You might get a lot of questions where you do not know the answer. Don’t panic. Think of the likely answer and start attempting.

This important if you want to proceed to the next higher level. If you skip or wrongly answer these questions, then chances are that you will be stuck in the same level and will be attempting questions of the same difficulty level.

The most stressful part of the NCLEX exam is the preparation. You must dedicate some time to eat, exercise and socialize with your friends. You can watch a movie or just hang out with your loved ones. This is to take your mind away from the continuous stress of studying for this nursing exam. You can even take a walk and breathe in fresh air so that your mind is completely uncluttered and free from the various nursing terms.

These breaks are extremely important as you will feel rejuvenated to re-start your preparations. Sleep is another important aspect which you must not ignore at all. The brain has a limited retention capacity. Even if you study for long hours, your bran can only retain a portion of it, it must be given proper rest at regular intervals.

When you feel fatigued and a sense of failing the all important NCLEX exam creeps into your mind, then you will understand that your brain is tired. Please take rest and commence your preparations a little bit later. A good sleep is essential to recharge your batteries and feel better when you start preparing for the exam. If you have a proper 8 hours sleep, then your mind will feel fresh and your body will also feel stronger and better.

The Examination

The NCLEX – RN exam is the most important exam before you become a registered nurse. The demands for registered nurses have reached an all time high and this is the best time to choose this career. You need to give a lot of effort and time to be a registered nurse but it will be well worth. With the increase in demand for registered nurses, there is a general feeling that the compensation for this occupation will also increase thereby attracting many students to this age-old profession.

The NCLEX examination is said to be one of the toughest standardized tests and the most intelligent too. Since this is a computer adaptive test, the competence levels of the candidates are thoroughly checked. So the candidates who are given the coveted certification are considered to be the “best of the breed”.

The high difficulty level of the exam has never been criticized as it ensures the passing out of quality nurses. Practice papers and Models questions and answers for the NCLEX exam are easily available on the internet. So just answer those papers at home to get a feel of the examination and to feel confident before the D-Day.