Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine Courses in UK

Naturopathy Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine is a major branch of Complimentary Medical Sciences and this branch of complimentary medicine deals with the practice of using various herbal medicines and natural methods for various medical treatment purposes.

The practice of using Herbal Medicines and Naturopathy for the treatment of various diseases and medical complications has now become a widely recognized medical practice and it is widely considered as an effective method of medical treatment without any side effects. The medical science of Herbal Medicines and Naturopathy is essentially an integral part of Complimentary Medical Science and its popularity is increasing day by day ever since the scope of medical tourism has tremendously grown over the past few years.

There are in fact very few UK universities and colleges that can boast of professional programmes in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine. A Bachelor level qualification in Herbal Medicines with a course title Herbal Medicine BSc (Hons) is available in UK universities such as Middlesex University, Edinburgh Napier University, University of Lincoln, Leeds Metropolitan University and University of Central Lancashire.

London Metropolitan University offers a degree course, Herbal Medicinal Science BSc (Hons). Duration of a bachelor degree is between three and four years and course normally starts in the month of September. Middlesex University is also popular for doctoral level qualifications such as Herbal Medicine PhD and Herbal Medicine M.Phil.

Specialized courses in Chinese Herbal Medicines are available at the University of Westminster. Major courses available at the University of Westminster include programmes such as Chinese Herbal Medicine MSc, Health Sciences in Herbal Medicine BSc (Hons) and Health Sciences in Herbal Medicine with Foundation BSc (Hons). University of Westminster also offers Health Sciences in Naturopathy BSc (Hons) and Health Sciences in Naturopathy with Foundation BSc (Hons). In addition to this, one week long training programmes on “Green Pharmacy – Practical Applications of Anthroposophical and Herbal Medicines” are available at the Emerson College, UK.