Museum Education Programs in USA

Museum-Education If you are an art connoisseur and you plan to pursue your career in the field of art, you may think of undertaking topnotch museum education programs in USA. Museum study programs combine practical as well as theoretical features of different museum works. Museum study training programs in USA allow students to learn a plethora of museum courses and opt for a specific field of specialization. Some of the most sought after specializations include archeology, anthropology, art history, art, zoology and living collection.

A graduate of museum education program can choose from career positions such as conservation, administration, collection management, curation, exhibition, security and registration. Graduate museum education programs include practical experience in areas which range from collections research and collection management to material packaging, exhibition design, preparation of zoological specimen, preventive conservation, storage renovation and fund collection.

Museum arts education schools in US such as Department of Art History, Virginia Commonwealth University; Harvard University Extension School and Department of Art and Music, Seton Hall University have been catering to the needs of museum arts students from across the world. These institutes are known for offering both graduate and undergraduate courses include. An overview of these institutes may help aspiring students to great extent.

Department of Art History, Virginia Commonwealth University

This institute is known for offering both graduate and undergraduate programs in museum art. The undergraduate program includes Art Historical Studies and Architectural History. It also paves way for Bachelor of Arts degree. On the other hand, graduate program offered at the institute includes Art Historical Studies and Architectural History. It grooms the students for Master of Arts degree.

Harvard University Extension School

This institute offers Graduate Program in Museum Studies for the students of museum art. This tailor-made program familiarizes the students with different features of museum art work such as preservation, collection, education and exhibition.

Seton Hall University

It is one of the most popular USA institutes for studying programs in museum profession. The university provides its museum programs at the Department of Art and Music. The flagship museum degree offered at this institute is known as Master of Arts. Apart from it, the institute also offers several concentrations in museum art education, museum registration and museum management.

Quality museum education programs in USA are also provided by institutions such as Baylor University and John F. Kennedy University: Museum Studies.