MSW and MASW Academic Programmes in Canada

Master-of-Social-Work There are many Canadian universities that hold a well established reputation as the major global education destination for the master level qualifications in the discipline of Social Work viz. Master of Social Work (MSW) and Master of Aboriginal Social Work (MASW).

Master of Social Work (MSW), a post graduate degree in the field of Social Work is awarded by renowned Canadian universities like Ryerson University; McMaster University; the University of British Columbia; University of Northern British Columbia; University of Manitoba; Thompson Rivers University; University of Victoria; Memorial University of Newfoundland; Laurentian University of Sudbury; King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario; Lakehead University; Carleton University; Dalhousie University; McGill University and the University of Western Ontario.

Master of Aboriginal Social Work (MASW), a specialized academic programme in Social Work with major focus on aboriginal community is available at the First Nations University of Canada and the University of Regina.

Besides, University of Toronto also offers a Master of Social Work (MSW) programme and a dual degree programme in combination with a Master in Health Science i.e. MHSc in Health Administration/ MSW.

Joint degrees in Social Work are awarded by the Wilfrid Laurier University too. Master of Divinity and MSW and Master of Theological Studies and MSW are the major combination degree programmes available at the university. Master of Social Work (MSW) is also available here.

University of Windsor, University of Regina and York University offer a MSW in combination with Bachelor of Laws, i.e. Master of Social Work (MSW)/Bachelor of laws for interested candidates. Master of Social Work (MSW) is also awarded by these universities.

Master of Social Work/Master of Business Administration (MSW/MBA), a reputed professional programme offered by the University of Calgary has many takers around the world and university’s Master of Social Work (MSW) is also an equally reputed professional programme.


  • Good overview but just one correction. York University does not offer an MSW in combination with a Bachelor of Laws. We have a full-time MSW which is one year for those who already have a BSW, we also have a two-year part-time option for that program. Then we have a two-year full-time option for those without a BSW but have a related honours undergraduate degree. Sadly, none of these are combined with Law.