MSc and PhD in Regenerative Medicine

Science advances into new fields and opens up new avenues for studies every day. One such field is medicine. To keep up with the new challenges in life, medicines need to be more effective and reach the root cause immediately.

One such field of study in medicine is regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is a medicine but not a physical tablet. Regenerative as the name suggests uses stem cells and tissues of human body to regenerate similar new cells and these are artificially injected in the damaged or contaminated organs. Here, the objective is to try and eliminate the use of physical drugs and target the root cause directly.

Regenerative medicine involves critical and significant studies. One has to have a science background to pursue it. This degree can be pursued only after bachelor’s degree is attained.  One can do Masters of Science in Regeneration Medicine or Doctorate level degree in regeneration medicine.

Two universities that offer this course are Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia and Tufts University Massachusetts. Tufts University Massachusetts offers MSc in Regeneration Medicine and a PhD in Regeneration Medicine. Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia only offers a PhD. To be eligible for master’s course students must complete bachelors in engineering or basic; applied health sciences degree.  To be able to apply for PhD, students need not have a compulsory master’s degree.  One can join the PhD program and complete their masters during their study as per the course requirements. However, it depends on the individual institution and course programs.

The fee for MSc and PhD courses in Tufts University is $11294 approx per semester. Thomas Jefferson University fees are $ 26,858 approx per year. Both are full time programs. MSc is a two year course and PhD is three to four years course.

The course contents focuses on stem cell culture, understanding of stem cell biology, tissue engineering bio materials, DNA techniques, biotechnology, Osteology and bio mechanics. This is just an outline, depending on the university the subjects may differ. Besides universities, one can opt for private institutions who offer research courses in regeneration medicine.

Subsequent to completion of this course students can make careers in medicine industries and government organizations, educational institutions and research organizations.


  • Mithilesh

    sir,i want to apply for regenerative medicine…can u plz tell me the procedure and eligibity required for this course….??

  • Sarah

    i’d be grateful if you could provide me with the info regarding the eligibility criteria for the international medical graduates non US citizens!