Milpark Business School, Johannesburg: Education Programs For The Banking, Financial Planning And Insurance Sectors

On my visit to South Africa the most surprising thing I found that people who lived in south London or in Scotland preferring to live and settle in South Africa due to country’s growing potential, employment for skilled workers and Industrial development.

Education in this country has also facing sea change and when it comes to Management degree programs nothing can beat Milpark Business School, Johannesburg.

Milpark Business School was established in 1997 and known as independent Private Higher Education Institute. Now what is different about this Business school is, they have specialized programs for the banking, financial planning and insurance sectors.

The motive of Institute is to provide the niche education in the areas of banking and finance, by enhancing the management and headship skills required to manage the operations, drive the profitability and generate the revenue of financial services organization. Institute has two modes of learning, by classroom teaching which can be attended at three campuses in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and secondly by distance learning programs for working professionals.

There are about twelve fulltime diplomas and certificate programs where most prominent ones are: MBA in Banking system, Bachelor of Commerce in Banking Management, Bank Credit Management, Certificate in Banking Services Advice, Banking Services Sales management, Certificate in Financial Planning.

All the fulltime courses are extensive and relevant from the view point of attaining the on job skills. The fulltime courses are divided into two stages, first to clear the basic fundamental required in banking, finance and insurance sector. Second stage helps in acquiring the skills of strategic management required at mid or higher level positions.

Also institute offers more than 28 short courses which have been taught in the felid of Banking and Insurance, finance, administration, Sales and Customer Service and project management. The specialized short term courses train professional who are already dealing with various aspects of finance and further groomed for higher positions.

Also given the extensive knowledge of Legal Aspects of Bank Credit, Risk Management, taxation and Income Tax Returns guidelines, Business Law & Accounting Control and Introduction to various Project management softwares.

Milpark Business School is unique of it kinds which is knowledge hub for aspiring student who wish to be part of growing financial sector in coming years.