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Metaphysics Study Programmes in UK

By on September 21, 2009

MetaphysicsMetaphysics is the theoretical philosophy of being and knowing or in other words, metaphysics is the philosophy of mind. Major metaphysics courses available in various UK universities are, Aesthetics MA; Mind and Language MA (Hons); Aesthetics and Art Theory MA; Mental Philosophy MA (Hons); Philosophy of Mind MA; Metaphysics MA; Mind and Knowledge BA (Hons) and Philosophy of Mental Disorder MSc.

University of Southampton offers a full time master level programme, Aesthetics MA while University of Edinburgh conducts Mind and Language MA (Hons) for overseas students. Duration of these master courses varies from two to three years and course starts in September-October.

Middlesex University’ s master level course, Aesthetics and Art Theory MA is offered as a full time on-campus study programme and course duration is about one to two years. University of Aberdeen also offers a master programme, Mental Philosophy MA (Hons). Both these courses start in the month of September.

Philosophy of Mind MA programme of University of Warwick and Metaphysics MA programme of University of Leeds are very popular among global student community and students from every corner of the world are coming to these universities in order to obtain higher qualifications in Metaphysics. University of Leeds also offers Mind and Knowledge BA (Hons), a three year bachelor level programme.

Other reputed UK universities in the field of Metaphysics education include King’s College London (University of London) and University of York. King’s College London (University of London) offers two master level qualifications in Metaphysics such as Philosophy of Mental Disorder MSc and Philosophy of Psychology MA. Both of these courses are conducted a full time on-campus study programmes and course duration is about one to two years. University of York offers a course, Aesthetics, Continental and Analytic Traditions MA, a full time post graduate level qualification. Course duration is one to two years.

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