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Career In Medical Representative Medicines are our daily basis companions. They perform their roles in the form of preventing or curing various common or uncommon diseases. These medicines are manufactured by number of pharmaceutical companies.

These companies manufacture medicines according to the need of the patients. The over all revenue of pharmaceutical companies are completely based on the sales of their product. Higher the product selling, higher will be the revenue. Pharma companies prefer their products to be sold for medical shops, druggists, doctors, hospitals etc.

These various pharma companies design and produce medicines with different brand names for a particular disease. Hence, selling own products in the market become competitive and challenging. Now enters the role of Medical Representative alias Medical Representative alias Medical Rep. Medical Representative is a skillfully trained attractive personality smart enough to sell their products to specific locations.

Job Profile of Medical Representative

Many of us would have surely encountered Medical Representatives on any doctor visit. On a careful note on their appearance, they look sharp by their attire, talking nicely, describing their products in details and willing to leave the samples on the desks. This is an outlook of a Medical Representative job.A medical rep is person responsible for selling pharma companies’ several products.

His usual role is to collect the products assigned to him from the company and take them to the respective location which may be druggists, physicians, medical stores, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, GPs etc. With his presentable persona and selling skills, he could be able to persuade the targeted person to buy his products. He describes the name and other details of the products and is allowed to leave the samples to the targeted location. A feedback is usually collected by several follow ups.

Medical Representatives are provided with their company bag which they have to maintain nicely at all times with few stuffs inside like a diary, product samples, product manual, sales-aids etc. A dairy is kept for planning and maintaining records of location visits on the daily basis. He need to keep the track of doctors or physicians follow ups as well. After this, the Medical Representative has to show his records to the Area Manager.

Medical Representative has to plan his schedule according to the target given for the day. He can divide it into morning to evening on the basis of appointments given by his clients. His best try is always to be focused on positive selling meaning selling products to valuable clients and locations so that the ratings of the company can reach higher every time.

Skills Required

A degree in Pharmacy or Science with Biology is usually preferred for this post. On the other hand, a sound capability of delivering products and selling techniques are also countable. Few companies shorlists experience holders but few can also recruit candidates with suitable skills for selling products like comfortable communication, soft spoken, master in selling stuffs, presentable personality etc.

Advertisements for Medical Representative can be found out easily on the news papers and internet. After selection, an interview round is held. After being selected, special training programs are done for the candidates. Medical Representative usually describes the details of his products like the usage of the products, their implementation and scope etc. Beyond this, the Medical Representative has to be in presentable attire. His dress should be neat and clean. He should have good command over the local language and comfortable with English communication.

Important Aspects

Apart from the degree or experience, there are few other important aspects to match the criteria of being Medical Representative.You must be hard working and flexible to work. Different companies offer different time schedule like morning or evening or both. You must be willing to work as per their criteria and job requirements.

You should be comfortable with travelling across India. For selling products, one never knows which part of the country might give you a better revenue. So for being the Medical Representative, you should go easy with lots of detailed travelling
and also wishful to reside anywhere as per the role demands.

Dedication and willing to produce extra ordinary outcomes are also important. A good saying goes along that ‘Learn to enjoy your work otherwise you will never know what enjoyment is’.

Strategy Planning

Physicians are key highlights for any pharma company and on this note, few good pharma companies keep their eyes on such physicians who are more likely to prescribe a particular drug. This task is effectively done with the help of Commercial Vendors who hand over the track records of total prescriptions (TRx) and new prescriptions (NRx) given by the doctor per week.

Then these physicians become high targets for selling their products. Little other informations are also collected for better selling like benefit of the prescription, availability of the physician, number of times the physician prescribes any pharmaceutical drug etc. On the basis of these and other basic strategies, pharma companies set their representatives in the areas they consider can give better revenues.

Many pharma companies have found out that training comprising of selling perspective with product science alone is just not enough to boost the sales but teaching relationship selling technique along with medical science and product knowledge are also equally important. On the basis of these observations, many leading companies are now organizing better training sessions so that they can multiply their revenues in folds and can generate better medical reps for their organizations. Thus, physicians are now relying more and more on Medical Reps.


Usually a Medical Representative is given a target to fulfill every year and on the basis of entire year’s performance, this job promises a handsome paycheck. Although this job needs hard work but a good balance in the bank account does not hurt either.If you have got remarkable skills in sales and managing customers along with the hard work, Pharmaceutical Marketing assures you a lucrative jobs. With high performance and achieving targets every year, various job promotions are waiting to get on hold.

Area Manager

Regional/Zonal Manager,Divisional Sales Manager/Divisional Controller,Dy. Marketing/Dy. Sales Manager,Marketing/Sales Manager.

Degree in Pharmacy and extra ordinary skills in selling can raise you up to the next higher positions like

Product Manager, Group Product Manager, Marketing Manager.

A person enriched with hard work, dedication and unmatched performance can be jeweled with the highest position of Marketing Manager. Record shows that there are around 81,000 Medical Reps in United States and the number is increasing day by day. Hence, this also throws a spotlight on the Medical Representative career.

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