Medical Assistant as a Career Option

Healthcare segment is a diverse field giving rise to many opportunities. One who has an inclination in administrative as well clinical work, choosing to be a medical assistant is a fine career option. It is one of the fastest moving careers that groom one to have broader perspective of the overall setting of the hospital or clinic. In this profession the skills are honed in administration and also in the clinical work. There are different categories one can select and specialize while pursuing a course. Specialization course includes administrative medical assistants, clinical medical assistant, podiatric medical assistants and ophthalmic medical assistant.

Nature of the job in clinical environment includes recording medical histories, drawing  blood ,working  in the microbiological and biochemical settings performing laboratory test, instructing the patients  about the medication and therapeutic diets, render aid in removing sutures and  change dressings, sterilize the medical equipments and also preparing the patients  for x-ray and assist in taking electrocardiograms. The maintenance and hygiene of the waiting and examining room is also part of the work. If one works as an assistant for ophthalmologist, their work involves imparting knowledge in the use of lens and its care, measure and record vision, test eye muscle function etc. As a podiatrist medical assistant work includes casting of feet, assist podiatrists etc.

The administrative work comprises attending to phone queries, manage correspondence, maintenance of records and billing, fixing the appointments, and greeting the patients.

Educational requirements: To pursue medical assistant one has to obtain degree from vocational technical schools, vocational high schools and community and junior college. Certificate /diploma can be obtained through 1 year program and associate degree through 2 year program. A certification entitles one meets the standard of knowledge and they can also opt to be certified in specialty program such as podiatry and ophthalmology which leads to higher salary and better employment opportunities.

Career growth:

Due the accelerating growth of the healthcare industry, medical assistants will find a boost in job opportunities .A high proportion of support personnel equipped  both in administrative as well in clinical work  are in huge demand .According to US Bureau of Labor  Statistics career growth for medical assistant will take a lead , showing  a great rise in employment. It is a rewarding profession, a light job with great potential in growth.