Mechatronics – An Emerging Career Option

Mechatronics is an emerging career option for students of modern times. It can be explained as an integrated subject comprising of mechanics, electronics, Computer engineering, systems designing, molecular engineering and computer engineering.

The aim of this multidisciplinary engineering system is to design reliable, useful and economical products. An example can be an industrial robot that is designed by uniting aspects of electronics, mechanics and computing and programmed accordingly to carry out its assigned daily work.

The major countries that offer its students Mechatronics as a subject are Japan, Malaysia, France, Germany, United States, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Singapore and Hungary. One of the important products designed using the theory or Mechatronics are machines, devices and systems based on certain levels of computer based intelligence.

Thus the mother subject is divided into two categories; Biomechatronics, that combines several mechanical parts with a removable human being, usually in the form of gadgets, such as exoskeleton. Another category is Electronical Mechatronics or Electronics the integration and coordination of design engineers and design tools and their physical and mechanical enclosure take place.

Many, or rather almost all the modern day gadgets and machinery used are based on Mechatronics, achieved through integration of devised mechatronic modules and controlled architecture of skilled personnel. The most commonly used structure or architecture that is employed in such designing are hierarchy, polyarchy, heterarchy and that further comprise of production systems, synergy drives, planetary exploration rovers and automotive subsystems like anti-lock braking system and spin-assist and equipments required in our daily life such as video, hard disks, CD players and autofocus camera.

Based on the individual needs this subject is such designed that it offers a wide range of courses to choose from. Some of these options are various fields of engineering like electronic engineering, computer engineering, control engineering, optometric or optical engineering, robotic engineering, automotive engineering and equipments.

Systems and mechanics oriented course curriculum are Automation and robotics, servo mechanics, sensing and control system, application machine vision, expert systems, structural dynamic system, diagnostic, reliability and control system, transportation and vehicular systems.

Product oriented courses are like consumer products, industrial goods. Medical subjects are medical mechatronics, Medical imaging systems. Other allied course options are Computer science subjects, mechatronics as new language of automobile, packaging.

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