MCSA Certification: The Ultimate Success Path

MCSA [Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator] is a unique networking training program that can ensure you high career prospects in any IT sector or IT-enabled sector. Be it an MCSA 2003 certification or an MCSA 2008 certification, a training in either of the courses can lead you through wonderful job opportunities as network administrator.

MCSA 2008 is mainly based on MCSA 2003. The newer version is, in fact, the upgraded form of its older counterpart. MCSA 2003 certification is known to induce into the learners specific knowledge related to Microsoft Windows Server 2003. On the other hand, MCSA 2008 certification prepares learners for administrating Windows Server 2008 which is a latest addition.

Windows 2008 operating system consists of a gamut of new features like Vista and various security enhancements including web tools. MCSA training makes the learners highly competent and enables them to handle these new features with wonderful ease.

It is a convincing fact that the upgraded version of MCSA 2008 has edge over MCSA 2003. So, demand for MCSA test 2008 is growing bigger with each passing day. Despite surging demand of the latest version of MCSA certification, love for the older version is never on the wane. Despite the fact that Microsoft is going to withdraw its mainstream support for MCSA 2003 in the current year, the organization would continue to provide its extended support to the product until 2015.

If you have decided to build your career in networking and systems management, you should ideally prefer to take MCSA exam involving older version. Then, you should go for an upgraded version of MCSA 2008. It would expand your career prospects to admirable level.

You require to take four MCP [Microsoft Certified Professional] examinations in the process of earning MCSA certification. There is also an alternate route which would require you to take three MCP examinations along with CompTIA Security+ exam. Learners generally prefer this alternative set of examinations because it is known to offer detailed knowledge of systems security. Students who earn MCSA certification through this alternative route have higher job options on offer.