MBE: Multistate Bar Exam for the Legal Professionals

The MBE or Multistate Bar Examination is one of the most important, competitive professional examinations conducted by the State administrations of the United Sates of America, for the qualified legal professionals. The MBE is used as an assessment tool to determine the professional competitiveness of the participating legal professionals, i.e., their eligibility to practice as a certified legal professional in any of the American jurisdictions.

American State administrations administer the Multistate Bar Examination in collaboration with the National Conference of Bar Examiners, a non-profit organization responsible for the development and structuring of the MBE examination. Other major objectives of the National Conference of Bar Examiners include assisting bar admission authorities to determine the eligibility of candidates for the practice of law by providing them standardized assessment tools to test the character and education of the applicants.

MBE is a six hour long multiple choice type examination, which consists of 200 questions. MBE is administered in two sessions, one morning session and one afternoon session and each session is of three hours duration and consists of 100 multiple choice questions.

Test curriculum of MBE covers six major topics and these are American constitutional law, criminal law and criminal procedure, contracts and sales of goods, evidence, real property and torts. All topics are given equal importance in the MBE and hence during test preparation equal attention must be paid on all six topics. MBE is administered twice a year, normally in the months of February and July.

Qualified legal professionals who wish to appear for MBE must register their name with their state jurisdiction and once they get registered, they will be guided through the MBE exam taking procedures by the state administration and the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Since this is a highly competitive professional examination, the test-takers are required to seriously prepare for the test, to obtain qualifying scores.

Average qualifying score is in the range of 130 to 140 (that means, more than 65 percent of the total questions are answered correctly). Legal professionals with qualifying MBE scores are eligible to practice as a certified legal professional in any jurisdiction of the United States of America.