MBA Program- Studying MBA At The North Carolina State University, United States

The North Carolina State University offers the Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA) with a number of specialisations that gives unending opportunities to every student studying there.

The Jenkins Graduate School of Management conducts the degree programs under the North Carolina State University which is duly accredited by the AACSB International. The full time MBA degree is of two years duration and gives a student the essential knowledge and skills that are required to work in a global business scenario.

The vital features of the MBA degree include a valuable internship program which gives each student hands on experience in tackling various business problems and building new strategies. Working with renowned companies during the internship period gives the students enough confidence to work in a team and manage the running of several departments in an organization.

Course Contents: There are seven different specializations in the MBA degree program that one can take up according to his/her interest. These include:

Bioscience Management: the MBA degree in Bioscience management helps those students who want to have a bright future in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The marketing and business skills required to run the biotechnology industry is efficiently taught in this program. The amalgamation of science and business concepts is the main highlight of this specialization.

Financial Management: MBA in Financial Management helps a student to understand the financial aspects of running a business, ability to take important financial decisions and budgeting, which are very important in running an organization.

Innovation Management: this specialization helps a student to understand the importance of innovation and its practical uses in the development of a business. Students get to work on various assignments that help them to create new ideas and strategies.

Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization Management: this program helps to nurture the entrepreneurial skills in a student and develop a sound knowledge of technology required in business.

Services Management: this specialization gives the students practical knowledge in creating effective relationship and customer management that are important in the service industry.

Supply Chain Management: this program focuses on working and planning on a product from scratch till its completion and final supply. It includes concepts on assessment, logistics and procurement to name few.

Marketing Management: this specialization aims to develop a keen sense of marketing in the students that is very important for any business organization.