MBA in Finance– Advantages

An MBA in Finance has been a popular program among students. MBA in finance has a lot of advantages, it opens a number of opportunities for an MBA graduate especially in the investment banking sector. The skills obtained from the course can be utilized in a variety of sectors.  The course has got a high earning potential compared to other specializations. The career opportunities are wide and in a variety of industries.

Let us see what are the course contents in MBA Finance which puts a student in command over his career. The program includes courses in statistics, economics, marketing, accounting, information technology. These are all the basic courses especially offered during the first year of the studies.

In the second year of the program, the students generally have to choose from a range of subjects in finance to specialize in. The course curriculum may include major in subjects like security analyses and investment banking, corporate finance, risk management, market trading and volatility, bankruptcy, futures and options and financial instruments.

After going through these courses, a student develops skills suitable for entering into finance and business sector. Companies in investment banking offer huge pay packages to a student of MBA in Finance.

There are a number of companies who prefer students specializing in this sector. Companies like, Intel, Microsoft, major banking and investment companies come for the campus selection of the students.

It has been a trend that the students who graduate with a specialization in the field of finance generally get higher pay packages compared to other MBA students. The growth opportunities for the students with this specialization are higher.

Some of the career opportunities after doing the program is of financial controller, financial analyst, chief financial officer, investment banker, insurance and other related fields.

The pay package in the field is very handsome. Generally the finance managers receive an average annual salary of USD 100,000. With the experience in the field you are expected to get better pay packages.

The pay packages are generally much higher than those from other MBA programs. So while choosing a specialization in the second year of your MBA, do not hesitate when it comes to Finance.


I am an MA in English and an MBA from ICFAI. Love to write.