Marine Tourism Training Program in Australia

marine-tourism-australia Australia is home to coastal and marine wonders. Vast tract of inhabitable land in the country mainly consists of coastal land. The country boasts of wide variety of marine lives which also include stunningly colorful coral reefs. These beautiful marine creatures draw large number of travelers from across the world. Turquoise water and beautiful silver beach offer opportunities for different adventurous and sportive activities. These things combine to make Australia one of the most preferred destinations of marine tourism.

Wide marine tourism potential of the country promises vast career opportunities in this sector. Australia is included among a few of the world countries which offer excellent infrastructure for acquiring marine education. Most prominent among all the marine tourism training schools in Australia is Challenger TAFE.

Marine Tourism Program Overview

Marine tourism course offered by Challenger TAFE is known as Marine Tourism Certificate II to Certificate III Course. The course is aimed at providing working skills in capacities like tour guide, marine tourism hospitality professional and roustabout. Other practical skills gathered during the training include maintenance and operations of small vessels, seamanship, sea environment, serving drink and food, diving, snorkeling and sea-kayaking.

At the end of the training, students are awarded Elements of Shipboard Safety Certificate along with a Bronze Medallion. Standard of diving qualifications gathered at the institute match the standard set by PADI.

Qualifications offered

Marine Tourism Certificate II to Certificate III Course offered by Challenger TAFE requires students to devote a learning period of six months to one year on full-time basis. Under this program, students are offered two types of qualifications to choose from. These are known as  –Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation in Marine Tourism and Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation in Marine Tourism.

Job prospects

This prestigious marine tourism course entails wide spectrum of career opportunities. Professionals with Marine Tourism Certificate II to Certificate III Course may bag opportunities in several tourism-oriented operations such as cruise ship recreations, marine hospitality, eco tourism charter, snorkeling tour, sailing charter, dive charter and fishing charter.