Marine Biology Courses in USA

marine-biology Marine biology is the study of the marine life that is found in the marine environment. A person professionally qualified in marine biology is known as “marine biologist”. Since marine life include various types of life forms such as marine mammals, fishes, microorganisms and so on, marine biology has divided into more specialized branches such as marine mammology, ichthyology, fishery biology, marine microbiology, etc.

All careers in the marine biology field require the employees to deal with the marine life and the marine environment. So career aspirants should have a genuine interest in this field before choosing marine biology as a career choice. Various career profiles available are as marine ichthyologists, fishery biologists, marine mammalogists, marine scientists, marine biologists and marine microbiologists. Prospective employers are government organizations, aquarium and aquaculture business firms, fishery industry, research and development organizations, private corporate enterprises, academic institutions etc.

The reputed universities and colleges in the United States of America which offer courses in marine biology and related fields are School of Fisheries, University of Washington; Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California; Department of Oceanography and Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Oregon State University; Humboldt State University, California; Utah State University, Logan; University of Michigan; Michigan State University; University of Minnesota; University of Wisconsin; University of Miami; University of Rhode Island; University of Massachusetts, University of Georgia, the University of Maryland; Cornell University; Texas A & M University; Louisiana State University and Auburn University.

Utah State University, Logan offers programmes in freshwater aquatic biology and fisheries while Texas A & M University offers programmes in fisheries and wildlife as well as in marine biology. Auburn University also offers an aquaculture programme. Most of the universities offer research programmes also. A master’s degree in marine biology is the minimum eligibility to apply for research programmes. Since marine mammology is a rare specialization, very few universities offer research in marine mammology and University of Hawaii is one of them.