Marine Biology Careers

Do you just love to watch the Shark Wheel on the Discovery channel and often dream of swimming with those marine biologists?

Well then the right way to combine your passion you’re your profession is to pursue a career in Marine Biology. There are numbers of options in the sector of Marine Biology which you can choose according to your knack and ability.

To start with is the Marine biologist. These biologists are actually the scientists who do study plants, animals, bacteria and anything and everything that forms a part of the oceans’ elaborate and delicate ecosystem. In addition to that they also study certain general principles of oceans like chemical and physical oceanography.

Generally these biologists choose one specific species to study all throughout their lifetime. To enter into these career one has to have a Bachelors degree in Biology, Marine Biology or related field. However as you grow further you will need to study to the level of Masters or Doctorate.

Another interesting career option is Aquatic Scientists. This career is somewhat very similar to that of the Marine Biologists but here instead of studying the marine life minutely, they study the water, its chemical and physical components and their effects on the sea life.

This broader area has further sub-divisions. Limnologists study the inland water systems like rivers, lakes, ponds whereas the oceanographers generally study the ocean water. Again there are two types of oceanographers.

Chemical oceanographers study the chemical component of the water whereas the physical oceanographers study the physical factors like water current, circulation and their effect on the sea-life. Here again one has to have a Bachelors degree in Biology, Marine Biology or related field and as grows up further degree of Master’s and Doctorate are required.

A career as an Aquarists requires a certificate in Scuba along with the basic degree of Biology, Marine Biology, Psychology or a related field. Here the professionals are required to collect the fishes in different exhibit for the aquarium and take care of them seeing that they are in good health, cordial to each other and are taking food properly.

Another very similar career is that of a Marine Mammal Trainer. These professionals are seen to be swimming and dancing with the dolphins and other mammals training them, feeding them, looking after their health and cleaning their tanks. Along with the basic degree, it is beneficial to gain hands-on knowledge by working with a veterinary and in a pet store which will give you an extra edge while looking for a job. Also a certificate in Scuba is an additional advantage.

The other very interesting career in this field is that of an Education Specialists who are responsible for the co-ordination of the school visits, aquarium tour and are also responsible for answering all odd questions on all odd exhibits.

Along with a degree in Biology or Marine Biology it is helpful in this cutting edge competitive market to have a hands-on experience which you can gain by assisting an aquarist or a marine biologist.

From the numbers of Marine biology careers mentioned you can choose one according to your like and knack and soon make your dream come true. Who knows that the next marine professional who the world would see in the Shark Wheel is not you?