Manufacturing Engineering Career Outlook

Manufacturing engineers play vital roles in the entire manufacturing process at any engineering unit. They make things faster, better and cheaper. They are directly involved in the spread of innovation and progress of technology. So, their failure or success has deeper impact on the advancement of technological or innovative growth.

Manufacturing engineering professionals continuously review the resources which have been allocated to them. They study productivity and draw conclusions from it. They exert their efforts in order to increase production, making sure that cost of the production remains low.

Manufacturing engineer jobs and responsibilities

Manufacturing engineers are responsible for planning production processes and looking after these processes from the beginning to the end in any given industrial plant. Specific job responsibilities of these professionals may include developing, evaluating, improving manufacturing methods and applying product design knowledge to fabrication processes, materials, parts, tools and various standards of quality control.

Educational options available

Aspiring students who see their future career as manufacturing engineer are required to pursue their study plans strategically. They must concentrate thoroughly on advanced mathematics, science, calculus, physics and computer science.

At advanced level, there are several manufacturing engineering major courses and degrees to choose from. These courses include Certificate Programs in Manufacturing Engineering, Associate Degree Programs in Manufacturing Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering.

Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering is an ideal requirement for pursuing a successful career in this field. This advanced program lays emphasis on learning problem-solving skills, advanced technical abilities and detailed knowledge of elements involved in manufacturing process.

Certification and license

Career-oriented people who are weighing the option of stepping into the professional field of manufacturing engineering must obtain Professional Engineer [PE] License. This license can be availed only by applicants who have ABET-accredited bachelor degree, a 4-year working experience and passing scores obtained in a state exam.

Median expected salary

According to recently collected data from various US employers, industries and HR departments, median expected salary offered to a typical manufacturing engineer is about $70,278. However, education level and work experience play important roles in determining salary structure of manufacturing engineers.