Management in Agribusiness: An Emerging Career Option

agribusiness-management Post WTO (world trade organisation) era was seen by the economic experts as the era of agriculture liberalization, which in turn, resulted in reckoning agribusiness sector as one of the most potential industries capable of building a nation’s economy. Agribusiness sector witnessed tremendous growth in recent times especially that of food retailing and microfinance sector. This trend launched a new era of career opportunities for candidates with a management degree in Agribusiness.

Agribusiness sector includes various sectors such as manufacturing industry of fertilizers; pesticides and herbicides; export-import industry of agro commodities; manufacturing industry of agricultural machineries and equipments; food retailing industry (retailing of fruits and vegetables; spices; foodgrains; vegetable oils; meat; poultry and dairy products); agricultural finance and rural credits; agricultural insurance sector; futures trading and commodity exchanges; organic food industry; plantation and estate management; agricultural project management (horticultural projects; floricultural projects; dairy projects; etc); seed development and production industry; food processing industry; food packaging industry and so on.

Various positions available with agribusiness sector are as plantation managers with plantation firms; estate managers with tea/coffee/rubber estates; commodity traders with commodity exchanges; commodity buyers; procurement managers; warehouse managers; and quality managers with food retail firms; agricultural insurance managers; and relationship managers with Agri-finance firms and commercial banks. Most of these positions are well paid and there is good scope for career growth also.

Agribusiness managers are supposed to be techno-managers with a combined skill set of agricultural knowledge and management skills. Since specialized knowledge and skills are required in this sector, people with a Post Graduate Diploma in Agri-Business Management or Plantation Management or Rural Business Management are preferred for filling these vacancies.

A bachelor degree in Agriculture/Horticulture is the minimum qualification required to join for Post Graduate Diploma in Agri-Business Management, which is offered by various IIMs; MANAGE; IRMA; some state agricultural universities and several other recognized national and international institutes.

Agribusiness managers are absorbed in public sector firms to manage their agribusiness projects such as biofuel projects; organic farming projects; contract farming projects etc. NGOs also offer some good positions for agribusiness graduates to manage their network of rural development programmes.


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