Malaysian Universities offering Doctoral courses in Physics

There are four Malaysian Universities offering a massive choice of  twenty six Doctoral courses in Physics.

‘Universiti Malaysia Sabah’ offers one part time and one full time course individually under ‘PhD in Acoustics’ and ‘PhD in Physics’. The duration of each of the part time is course is fourteen semesters, while the full time courses areof twelve semesters each. The fee is Malaysian Ringitts 1,200 for each semester and is common to all these four doctoral courses in Physics. One can apply at anytime throughout the year, however, the intake is only in the months of June and November. Eligibility requires a prospective student to either have a recognized Master’s Degree or its equivalent.

‘Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’ is yet another Malaysian University that offers courses under the name ‘PhD in Physics’ and ‘PhD in Physics Education’. These two courses are individually imparted through part time mode of sixteen semesters each and full time mode of fourteen semesters each. The cost of each semester is Malaysian Ringitts 4,226 for the full time and Malaysian Ringitts 1,281 for the part time doctoral courses in Physics.

‘Universiti Sains Malaysia’ is the Malaysian University with the most flexible doctoral courses in Physics. This Malaysian University offers ‘Doctor of Philosophy in Physics’ individually through Home study with attendance mode of five years and Seven and a half years each; Full time doctoral courses in Physics of two and five years each and Part time doctoral courses in Physics of three years and seven and a half years each. So on the whole this Malaysian University offers doctoral courses in Physics.

‘Universiti Putra Malaysia’ is a Malaysian University that offers twelve full time doctoral courses in Physics. The courses offered are PhD in Applied Radiation, PhD in Applied Optics, PhD in Dielectric Sciences, PhD in Materials Science, PhD in Nanosciences, PhD in Multimedia Physics, PhD in Microwaves, PhD in Superconductors, PhD in Sensors and Instrumentation, PhD in Quantum Science and Technology, PhD in Ultrasonics and Glass and PhD in Theoretical Physics. These courses are offered over a time period of ten semesters each. The cost of each of these programs includes 316 Malaysian Ringitts for Insurance, Malaysian Ringitts 1,000 is the thesis fee and Malaysian Ringitts 350 is the after thesis fee. The course fee is 3,100 Malaysian Ringitts for the first semester and 2,850 Malaysian Ringitts for every semester from second semester onwards.


  • P Kennedy

    Well, it costs twice what it would in France or Belgium. I wonder if it’s as respectable as the French or Belgian universities, though, in the job market.

    After all, North Americans go overseas to pay less for college. The problems start if and when we have to come BACK and try to get a job with that degree. The goal, then, is to find a country where you can STAY and use that degree when you finish it. And that rules out Europe when you’re a minority. There, it’s “get your degree and then LEAVE AS FAST AS YOU CAN.”