Malaysian Universities offering Doctoral courses in Economics

Malaysia is a developing country that offers an unbelievably broad range of twenty nine Doctoral courses in Economics that are offered through seven Malaysian Universities. Let us now take a brief look into each of these seven Malaysian Universities.

International Islamic University Malaysia offers six PhD in Economics courses. Out of these six, three are part time and the other three are full time courses. The full time courses are of three, two and six years respectively, while the part time courses are of three, six and eight years each.

Universiti Malaysia Sabah is another Malaysian University that offers a Doctoral Degree in Economics in Development and Planning Economics, Doctoral Degree in International Economics, Doctoral Degree in Monetary Economics, Doctoral Degree in Public Sector Economics and Doctoral Degree in Labor Economics. All of these five courses are offered under both full time and part time mode. That is why the total number of courses offered by this Malaysian University is ten.

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak offers four Doctoral courses in Economics. That includes a Doctoral Degree in Economic Integration and the other is a Doctoral Degree in Industrial Economics. Both of these courses are offered through full time and part time study modes. The academic duration of the full time Doctoral in Economics courses is three years, and the part time courses are of six years each.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia offers Doctor of Philosophy in Economics and Doctor of Philosophy in Economics education courses. Each of these courses can be either pursued as a full time or as a part time course. The Department of Economics and Commerce came up at this Malaysian University back in 1970.

If your focus branch is Industrial Economics then you could count on Universiti Putra Malaysia for a quality full time Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Economics course. This Malaysian University also offers a general Doctor of Philosophy in Economics as a separate full time course. Both these courses cost Two thousand and nine hundred Ringgit Malaysia for the first semester and thereafter Two thousand six hundred and fifty Ringgit Malaysia for every semester.

Islamic Science University of Malaysia offers two doctoral courses in Economics, a separate full time and a part time course awarding Doctor of Philosophy in Economics and Muamalat Administration on successful course completion. Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris is yet another Malaysian University that offers a full time Doctoral course in Economics.