Making a Career as an Archaeologist

Many of us have a natural curiosity about the way the world around us came to be. For some, this curiosity leads to a deepening interest in technical sciences, while for others, it leads towards the field of natural sciences.

Those who chose to maintain this interest through the years and ultimately want to enter the field professionally, a career in archaeology would be the most suitable.

Making a career as an archaeologist is not very easy; however it is one of the most rewarding ones in life. The main aim of an archaeologist is to search for and preserve artefacts from past civilizations to be able to understand the past and the present.

The training to become an archaeologist begins by having a keen mind and an interest in the fields related to the subject, such as geology, geography and history. Once there is a firm grasp on these, one must start with a undergraduate degree in a subject such as archaeology or even anthropology. After obtaining both an undergraduate and post graduate degree, the next step is to apply for a master’s degree.

Before applying for a master’s degree, it is of great use in making a career as an archaeologist if you start working in the field as well, so as to obtain knowledge of the practical skills required in this profession.

While many universities and colleges finance archaeological digs and trips for their departments, one can also consider either an internship with museums, agencies and various other organizations or by assisting professors and local digs during the year.

Some of the skills that are necessary in making a career as an archaeologist are learning to survey, excavate, mastery over map drawing, collection of samples, analysis and basic computer functions.

After you have both your degree and your field experience, there is a choice between two paths. First off, one can consider applying further for a PhD, which is necessary to be able to teach and start your own research. Otherwise, you can start working at a local excavation or apply to join a number of professional digs happening all over the world.

There are many prospects available that can be kept in mind while making a career as an archaeologist, especially since the field now pays much better and has become very important for many socially minded industries.


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  • maria

    I am in year 11 and would like to pursue archaeology as a career in the future. I have never visited a site, and living in Australia there are not many in my area. My knowledge on the topic is quite limited and unlike many other I did not consider archaeology as a career choice, nor did i even no it was to start with. Yet, despite this i have always had an intense interest in the Aztecs and Ancient civilizations; just history in general. I have visited unis looking for courses and believe I have chosen what I want to do for the rest of my life! Is archaeology a sensible career choice, or one I have based upon a lack of knowledge/time.




    hy maria…………my self ashok kumar………… i m also interest in archeaologist as an career . you take a archeaologist course in newzeland.i m from india and in my country have a many sourses of archeaologist…… plz remain contact me||||||||