Liberal Arts Academic Programs in Canada

Professional certificates, bachelor degrees and post graduate degrees in liberal arts and liberal studies are offered by many global universities for those who want to pursue a career in these disciplines. Canada is also home of some renowned global universities namely, Bishop’s University; Simon Fraser University; Thompson Rivers University; Vancouver Island University; St. Francis Xavier University; Algoma University; Brock University; Laurentian University of Sudbury; Nipissing University; University of Waterloo and University of Windsor that offer globally reputed academic programs in the disciplines of liberal arts and liberal studies.

Professional certificate programs in liberal arts are offered by the Simon Fraser University and the Thompson Rivers University. Thompson Rivers University offers a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Liberal Arts and an advanced certificate in liberal arts while SFU offers Certificate in Liberal arts program.

Bachelor of Arts degrees in liberal arts are awarded by the Bishop’s University (Bachelor of Arts in liberal arts major and  Bachelor of Arts in liberal arts honours); St. Francis Xavier University (Bachelor of Arts with advanced major in liberal arts); Brock University (Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts) and the Nipissing University (Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts).

Bachelor of Arts degrees in liberal studies are awarded by the Vancouver Island University (Bachelor of Arts Major in Liberal Studies and Bachelor of Arts Minor in Liberal Studies); University of Waterloo (Bachelor of Arts general in liberal studies) and the University of Windsor (Bachelor of Arts general in liberal and professional studies).

Bachelor of Science degrees in liberal studies, especially in the discipline of liberal science are awarded by the Algoma University (Bachelor of Science General in Liberal Science); Laurentian University of Sudbury (Bachelor of Science in liberal science) and the Nipissing University (Bachelor of Science in Liberal Science).

A post graduate level qualification in liberal studies, MA liberal studies, is awarded by the Simon Fraser University for those who are interested in pursuing a higher academic qualification in the field of liberal studies.

As far as the course duration is concerned, most of the certificate level programs are of short duration, ranging from six months to one year while bachelor degrees may take three to four years of university education for its completion. Master level programs can be completed within two years of regular university education.