Letters of Recommendation

Recommendation letters plays an important role in the admission process. The letter of recommendation provides a third person’s perspective on a particular candidate.

The letter of recommendation is important as it tells a third person’s point of view. Therefore this is an independent assessment process.

Getting a good recommendation letter written by the superiors is often very difficult. One of the reasons for the difficulty is that the teachers are overburdened with students asking them to write recommendation letters. Sometimes the superiors will ask the students to write their own recommendation letters and will just have a casual look on it.

It is not a good practice though but sometimes it is really hard to get the recommendation letters written by superiors. Sometimes you can be caught writing your own recommendation letters and this can harm your chances of getting admission in the college.

Here are some tips on how you can a good recommendation letter written for you by your superiors.Selecting the right kind of people is important. They should be aware about your abilities and skills. They should also be credible persons. For this you should prepare a list of people whom you think that they will be easily ready to recommend you.

Once you select the right person for getting your recommendation letter written, you need to provide the specific things you would like to be there in your recommendation letter.

Also make them aware about the dates on which you will require the recommendation letters. There is a format of recommendation letters provided by the college you are going to take admission in. Make sure that the letter of recommendation is in the correct format.

Once the letter is prepared, you should go through it and see if there are any mistakes or if it is not in the format required. You can immediately go to the person recommending you and ask him to make suitable changes.

A recommendation letter is an important document. Though the admissions depend upon a lot of other factors but a good recommendation letter can provide you with an edge over other candidates.



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