Law Studies

lawyer Law means a code of conduct established and enforced by the governing authority or legislation of a nation, state or community. Main intention of the enforcement of law is to guide people as to what is legal and what is illegal. The law of a nation can dictate simple actions such as driving a car on the highway and complex action such as filing income tax.

The practitioners of law are known as lawyers. A law professional is not necessarily supposed to be associated with a court. He or she might also start professional career working with a legal firm. The corporate sector has given the legal profession a significant height these days. More and more legal professionals are finding lucrative careers in corporate offices and companies. These legal professionals are hired by the companies as legal advisors.

Types of lawyers

There are basically two types of lawyers – civil lawyers and criminal lawyers. A civil lawyer defends the legal rights of his or her clients in matters which include wills, estates, accidents, custody, family and compensations of the workers. The civil right attorneys ensure their clients that the rights designated by the constitution are respected.

Criminal lawyers practice criminal or penal law. The criminal attorneys take up the case of the accused of a crime in the court of law. They fight in defense of their clients for the constitutional right. Some of the common criminal offences include murder, rape, assault, battery, forgery, larceny, treason, perjury and conspiracy. Common criminal punishments include execution, imprisonment and fine.

How to become a lawyer

The United States of America has over 70 percent of the world attorneys. There are 185 law schools in the country. You can pick up a 4-year bachelor degree course in any of these law schools. Ideal conditions which help one to become a lawyer are:

  • Studying and communicating comprehensive skills
  • Participating in school debates and mock trial sessions
  • Appearing in GPA and LSAT exams

Career prospect

A law graduate can give a decent start to professional life with bagging jobs in corporate managements and international businesses. Legal advisors can also work as labor experts in labor unions and labor corporations. If they are least inclined to these prospective avenues, they can blend in themselves with the legal system and practice as attorneys.