Law Career: Prospective Future Option

Few professions match the grandeur that legal career involves. Lawyer career offers both fame and fortune. The most important feature in store for legal professionals is that they have wide ranges of career options in both legal and non-legal areas. Some of the most popular fields which a law graduate in USA can explore include:

Government sector

Earning a career in local, state or federal government is nothing less than getting a dream come true for law graduates in USA. These government settings offer plenty of legal career opportunities. Law jobs in government sector are preferable because they attach with them several advantages such as job security, convenient working hours and high level of professional responsibilities.

Law jobs in Federal Government

There are plenty of legal jobs in Federal Government. Most of these jobs are offered by Department of Justice [DOJ]. This agency generally employs attorneys with JD degree program. There are several regional interview sites where interviews of law graduating students and pre-selected students of second year [intern program] are held every year in the fall.

Law jobs in local and state governments

You can give your lawyer careers fanciful flight with various law jobs in the local and state governments. Most viable positions offered at these settings include public defender, district attorney, attorney general, city attorney and county counsel. Specialized law fields offered by local and state governments include environmental law, criminal law, consumer law, labor law, municipal law, juvenile law, education law and family law.

Law jobs in military

About 200 to 300 attorneys are recruited every year by 4 branches of military service. These professionals are absorbed in military in the capacity of commissioned officers. Apart from it, the US military also recruits large number of JAG officers. They are directly handpicked from different law schools.

Public interest organizations

Lawyers who serve public interest organizations are known as public interest lawyers. Great numbers of careers lawyers are associated with these familiar legal service organizations. Career in law as public interest lawyers may require you to offer legal advices to groups or individuals who are denied access to legal system due to their societal or economical disadvantages.

Apart from these prospective job avenues, careers in law can also be earned in private law firms and academic organizations as faculty members.