Law Admissions at Northwestern University Law School

Among all the top-ranked law schools in America, Northwestern University Law School holds distinguished position. This leading law school has many admiring features that make it a world-class academic institution. The most important aspect of this institution is its innovative as well as business-oriented outlook. This feature, along with others, has helped the school to scale the success ladder quite fast within a very short period. Its success story is still on the rise.

Legal education pattern and courses which are offered at Northwestern University Law are truly market and business oriented. The students are offered professional environment of study that produces among them rare interpersonal skills. These features improve job prospects for students to admirable level.

Admission benchmark

Admission procedure as practiced by Northwestern Law is highly competitive and it matches the high standard and grandeur of the institution. The school receives large numbers of applications for admissions but only 18% of the applicants meet law admissions prerequisites and offered admissions. Average LSAT score set by the Northwestern Law University is 170 [about 98%] while average undergraduate GPA is 3.7.

Admission trends suggest that the university law has the preference of higher LSAT scores than the GPA grade. The fact deserves mention here that GPA trend at Northwestern Law School is one of the lowest among its contemporary law schools in the country. On the other hand, the benchmark of its LSAT score is highest among its peers.

Admission procedure

Admission procedure practiced by northwestern law is almost same as defined by peer law schools in America. Applications must accompany personal statements. The length of the personal statement should be from one page to three pages. While writing personal statement, applicants should write about their individual self in a very distinctive way.

Fee waiver

Applications for admission are invited from October 1. Deadline for submission is February 15. The cost of application is $100. Applicants are also offered fee waivers. There are two types of fee waivers on offer. One is merit-based and another is need-based. Merit-based waiver is disbursed through LSAC’s Candidate Referral Service while need-based fee waiver is considered after applicants submit documents that point out their need.