Know More About GMAT Exams

If you have cleared your graduation program and now you are looking to take admission in MBA then you need to clear the GMAT exams. GMAT scores are basic criteria for admissions in most of the MBA colleges. Here are some tips for the GMAT examination.

GMAT test has been created in order to test the ability of a student to successfully clear the MBA program. The program thoroughly checks your ability to cope up with the complexities of the MBA program. GMAT basically tests your ability in English and Math. The test is prepared in a manner that it tests the ability of a prospective candidates’ suitability to clear the program. More than 1800 Business schools use the GMAT test for admissions.

The tests check the verbal, mathematical and the analytical ability of the candidate. The maximum scores in GMAT is 800. It has been observed that the mean scores of GMAT is somewhere around 538. The good thing about the GMAT exams is that it’s scores are valid up to a period of 5 years.

The exams are delivered in English.The scores of this exam are taken by business schools as the basic criteria to test your ability for advanced education in business management. The exams are standardized. There is another advantage of taking these exams. The business schools receive your scores and in the basis of that they will start contacting you. They will also let you know about the program, the fee structure, the placements etc. This information will help you to choose the right business school for you.

The GMAT exams cost US$ 250. You need to pay upfront to appear in the exams. The exams can be taken at various centers designated for the purpose.The GMAT exams are tough and you need to start preparing for it much in advance.

It is good if you start the preparations at least 6 months in advance. You will require a lot of discipline and perseverance to get a good score in the exam. The GMAT council provides free test material. There are suggestions as well as to how to go about preparing for the examination.


I am an MA in English and an MBA from ICFAI. Love to write.