Junior Colleges

Junior Colleges had their origin in the late 19th century in New York State, where as community colleges originated in the early 20th century.

Junior Colleges refer to educational institutions that offer two year academic and professional education to students.

Junior Colleges offer usually Associates degree, diplomas, certificates, transfer programs, continuing education and all types of non bachelor degrees. Joliet Junior College at Illinois is one such popular and pioneer junior college in the United States. Junior colleges are also referred to as community colleges. Junior colleges usually consist of private establishments and public community colleges. Some of the advantages of joining community colleges are cost savings and ability to study part time.

On the other hand Junior Colleges are known to have low academic standards and quality. However if a student performs exceedingly well in a junior college, he/she can get transfer to a four year school and get a bachelor’s degree.  This way, students can save significant sum of money towards tuition and other expenses during the first two years of their four year education regime.

Junior Colleges are also known for college athletes such as football and basketball. Another characteristic of Junior Colleges is their association with the Military. In US there are five military related Junior Colleges that provide armed cadets with the opportunity to become officers in two years time instead of the usual four years. The military junior colleges are – New Mexico Military Institute, Georgia Military College, Valley Forge Military College, Marion Military College and Wentworth Military College.

Few leading Junior colleges in US – Empire College and Deep Springs College in California, School of Trades- Colorado, Crowley’s Ridge College in Arkansas, Goodwin College and St.Vincent’s College in Connecticut, Southwest Florida College, Young Harris College and Andrew College in Georgia, Lincoln College in Illinois, Donnelly College in Kansas city, Bay State College, Fisher College and Marian Court College in Massachusetts, Hesser College in New Hampshire, Maranatha Bible School in Minnesota, Assumption College in New Jersey, Maria College and Villa Maria College in New York, Louisburg College in North Carolina, Manor College, Institute of Technology and Harcum College in Pennsylvania, Jacksonville College and Southwestern Christian College in Texas etc.

Community Colleges in US include – Southern Community College, Central Community College, Jefferson Davis Community College in Alabama, Community colleges under University of Alaska Anchorage, Community College of Denver, Phoenix College, Colorado Northwestern Community College, Manchester Community College, Delaware Technical and Community College, Darton College, Atlanta Technical College, City Colleges of Chicago etc.