Jobs Related To Human Resources

Jobs Related To Human Resources Human Resource Management is a distinct process consisting of activities like planning, organizing, directing and controlling which are performed to determine and accomplish the desired objectives with the use of human beings and other resources.

Human Resource management ensures that the processes involved in hiring the employees, during his/her tenure and till the time he/she exits the organization are extremely smooth both for the employee and the employer. Great effort needs to be put in so that the employees remain satiated and motivated in the organization so that their positive energy can be tapped and synchronized to attain the common goals of employee and the organization. Therefore, the different jobs allocated in the HR department are bestowed upon professionals who can perform them exceptionally well.

The Main Jobs Related To Human Resources Are As Follows

Recruitment Personnel

They carry out the recruitment process smoothly. Their main task is to leave no stone unturned in filling the vacant positions in different departments in no time. Because lack of manpower means a drop in the output and overall productivity. They receive staff requisitions from different departments every week and based upon that, they design the job descriptions and specifications and fasten up the recruitment process.

They hunt for the right candidates on job portals, through campus placements or employee referrals and post screening their applications, the candidates are interviewed to determine if they possess the desired skills suitable for the job. The selected candidates are handed over the offer letters and later confirmation letters by the recruitment personnel.

Training Manager/Coordinator

The training manager has a highly important role to play in the organization. He or she needs to ensure that the new employees are made to acquaint with the organization’s culture, structure, policies, procedures , etc. For this purpose, the training manager takes up the induction and orientation sessions for new employees to make them feel more comfortable at the new place.

Apart from this, the training manager also ensures the output level of the working employees so that he or she can identify the lacunae in their performance and based upon that, their training and development needs can be met. Training is also necessary so that the workers can use the resources, tools, machines, equipments allocated to them properly and avoid any pilferage, accidents.

Performance Management System

One team should be looking after the PMS in the organizations. A healthy PMS ensures the timely performance appraisals of the employees so that even they can understand about their shortcomings as well as the excellent performers can be rewarded suitably to keep their motivation levels high.

Performance appraisals can vary from 360 degree feedback, Management by Objective(MBO) or Assessment Centers, depending on which one the organization follows. The PMS team remains in constant touch with the training department so that they can be intimated about the employees poor or average performance which can be later rectified by providing adequate training.

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HR Generalist

He/she has one of the most crucial roles to play in HR. From attendance administration, updation of MIS reports,  helping employees getting their ESI permanent biometric smart cards, to preparing their salaries, updating the information system, filing the ESI challaan , resolving employee queries ranging from Provident fund to gratuity, etc.

Each of these is taken care of by the HR generalist so this important responsibility needs to bestowed on someone who is proficient and experienced. These are some of the most important positions being held in Human Resources and each position is assisted by some coordinators for expedition of the processes.

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