Jobs at Library – Education and Skills Required

Jobs at library are most suitable for avid readers who are equipped with a qualification in library science or information science.

There are many career positions available for qualified candidates in a library. However, major jobs at library are as staff librarians, library directors, library heads or head librarians, library assistants, metadata librarians, librarians-instructional technology and library systems managers.

Staff Librarian

Jobs at library that require circulation and reference services are handled by staff librarians. In the United States of America, a staff librarian earns an annual salary of $36,000 based on education and experience. A staff librarian must have a Master’s degree in Library Science or Information Science from a reputed academic institution that is duly accredited by ALA (American Library Association). Major career roles of a librarian include staff supervision, maintenance of library inventory, providing research and reference support to library members and ensuring the smooth management of a library by providing technical support to the top management.

Library Assistants

Both full time and part time positions are available for experienced library assistants. While full time jobs at library requires a staff to put in at least 40 hours per week, a part time employee works only for 20 hours per week. An aspiring library assistant must have an ALA accredited Bachelor’s degree in library science or information science.  He or she should have specialized knowledge of library systems management such as cataloging and library systems management softwares. Average weekly remuneration of a library assistant is approximately $15 per hour. Major career responsibilities of library assistants include reporting to the staff librarian, cataloging and providing technical support to the library systems management team. Positions as library assistants are at junior level as compared to other jobs at library.

Library Director

This is one of the most responsible jobs at library. Position as a library director is a leadership position and it is a library director’s job to provide a vision to the entire library team regarding the operation of the library. Only those extra ordinary candidates with advanced academic qualifications in library science (preferably  a doctoral qualification in library science but Master in Library Science is also considered) and with a long term professional experience, at least 10 to 15 years of work in a library are considered for the positions of library directors. In the United States of America, a library director earns approximately $57,000 to $63,000 a year. Position of a library director is the top most position among all jobs at library.

Head of a Library or Head Librarian

This is another important position among various top jobs at library. Head of a library generally reports to the library director. Master’s degree in library or information science (ALA accredited qualification) is required to become the head of a library. The annual salary of this position in the USA is approximately $44,815. Library head is responsible for the management of library collections and staff supervision.

Director of Library and eLearning

Some of the large academic libraries or libraries of reputed universities conduct eLearning programs as a part of their library services.  A director position is normally created as one of the top most jobs at library in order to supervise the entire eLearning process of the library. The position of Director of Library and eLearning fetches an annual salary of $69,000 in the United States of America. But the candidate needs to have advanced academic qualifications such as a doctoral or master level qualification in library science along with sufficient professional experience as a head librarian in order to apply for this position. It is a senior level position as compared to the other jobs at library. Career responsibilities of Director-Library and eLearning are selection of eLearning staff, supervision and assessment of staff performance, and implementation of various eLearning programs at the university.

Metadata Librarian

With the digitalization of the libraries, the demand for tech-savvy librarians also increased. Among various tech-savvy jobs at library, the job of a metadata librarian is considered very critical as a metadata librarian is responsible for the daily collection, analysis and database entry of critical digital information pertaining to the library systems management. They are also responsible for the updation and maintenance of collected library metadata resources or digital information.

An aspiring metadata librarian must have at least a Master of Library Science or equivalent qualification to begin a librarian career in the library. Skills required for a metadata librarian are strong analytical skills, hands on experience in digital softwares related to the library systems management, good computer skills, and effective communication and people skills. This is a mid-level career position as compared to all other jobs at library.

Instructional Technology Librarian

Instructional Technology Librarian is generally employed by the academic institutions for providing information services and instructions to the students. They are also responsible for providing reference services as well as research services. A career aspirant in this field must have at least a Master of Library Science or equivalent qualification. Skills required for this position are strong creativity skills, extra ordinary skills in using digital tools related to instructional technology, good innovative skills, strong dedication o the job at hand, good interpersonal skills, communication skills, ability to work in a team as well as work independently, and strong research skills. Most of the universities prefer candidates having sufficient professional experience particularly in teaching and instructional design. Candidates who have already published publications in instructional technology are given preference over other applicants. Position of an instructional technology librarian is also a mid-level career position as compared to all other jobs at library.

Library Systems Manager or Library Managers

Among various jobs at library, the position of Library Systems Manager stands out because the library systems management is the most crucial function that ensures the efficient running of a library. An aspiring library systems manager must have at least a Master of Library Science or Information science qualification with specialized knowledge in library systems softwares and library systems management.   Position as a library systems manager is a mid-level position among various available jobs at library.