Job Prospects in Adventure Tourism

adventure-tourism2 Adventure tourism is moving up the popularity chart very fast. Adventurism was the privilege of a selected few some decades back. Introduction of new technologies and helpful gears to this branch of tourism has made it accessible to one and all now. Increasing number of tourists now shift their focus to adventure tourism which promises endless fun and exciting adventure.

Adventure tourism has given the hospitality sector a new direction. Due to steady expansion of adventure tourism sector, there is pressing demand for skillful professionals throughout the world for assisting and guiding adventure-loving tourists. These facts combine to make adventure tourism career a sought after option.

General requirements

If you are adventurous and hard-working, you can be a right candidate for working in adventure tourism industry. Adventure tourism professionals are generally required to work outdoor. Relevant education and hardcore training are top requirements for earning adventure tourism jobs. Professionals of this industry are given elaborate training about the use and implementation of specific technologies which assist the tourists.

Specific requirements

There is wide career prospect in adventure tourism. Adventure tourism professionals are required to obtain business management training as well as tourism, health and safety management training before making a foray into the industry. These trainings can be acquired through diploma, certificate or degree course in adventure tourism management.

Work fields and job opportunities

Adventure tourism profession promises various job opportunities to young aspirants. Some of the very sought after positions include tour guide, tour leader, outdoor education officer, outdoor activity coordinator and tourist bus driver. Popular work fields where these professionals get placement are holiday resort, mountain lodges, wildlife parks, zoos and national parks.

Pay package

Pay package of adventure tourism professionals vary from one place to another. They can get high pay package at locations which see high concentration of adventure tourists. Much also depends on the activity a professional is involved in. Adventure tourism jobs in fields like alpine skiing and white river rafting can offer handsome pay packages.