Job Description of Elementary School Teacher

Teaching job involves lots of fun and satisfaction. But the fun and satisfaction get multiplied if you are an elementary school teacher. In countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, elementary school teaching profession entails great career prospects. Large numbers of career-oriented people in these countries target elementary school teacher jobs right from the beginning.

Professional responsibilities of elementary school teachers in USA may include working with kids who are in the age group between 5 years and ten years, teaching kindergarten children who are in the age group between 4 years and 5 years and preparing these children for primary schools.

Elementary education plays vital roles in the educational life of a child. At this stage, early development of a child takes place. Therefore, jobs and professional responsibilities of elementary school teachers involve lots of challenge. Proper elementary education can determine the future course of children and make them successful at every educational path.

Job responsibilities

Elementary school teachers are responsible for the educational, social and intellectual growth of little learners. So, they have great and, rather complex, responsibilities to shoulder. In a typical elementary school environment, teachers require to employ different teaching techniques like interactive games, books, videos, props and computer programs.

Much of the learning takes place through visual aids and displays. For this, teachers require three dimensional displays in order to help the learners comprehend and figure out problems, build up their thought processes, recognize abstract concepts, improve their language and learn basic subjects.

Educational requirement and training

Ideally, elementary school teachers should possess bachelor degree in education. Apart from it, they should have pursued certified teaching program. Bachelor degree is known to be the least qualification for this profession. Most of the elementary schools in USA employ teachers who possess master degree with specializations like early childhood education and child development. Besides these qualifications, elementary school teachers should be trained with computer skills as well as record keeping skills.

Elementary school pay-package

Elementary school teacher salary has something that make the profession quite attractive for individuals. Annual salary of an elementary school teacher in USA varies greatly. According to qualification and work experience, a beginner in this profession gets around $35,000.