Jazz Studies in Canada

Vancouver-Island-University Jazz is a popular music which is characterized by improvisation, syncopation and usually with a forceful rhythm. In fact Jazz originated in America but it as popular in Canada and other parts of the world. Professional stud programmes in Jazz Studies are conducted at several Canadian universities but most popular among them are Vancouver Island University; University of Manitoba; St. Francis Xavier University; University of Toronto; Concordia University and McGill University.

Vancouver Island University conducts a reputed professional programme in Jazz, Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies. It is a Bachelor’s degree which can be completed in three to four years. A diploma is also offered at the university. Diploma in Jazz Studies is a short duration undergraduate level diploma programme.

University of Manitoba conducts a Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor of Jazz Studies and St. Francis Xavier University offers a degree, Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies. Other academic programmes offered by the university are BA in music with major in Jazz Studies, Advanced Graduate diploma in jazz studies, a Post Graduate level diploma and a short duration, Diploma in jazz studies, undergraduate level diploma programme.

Academic programmes offered by the University of Toronto in the subject, Jazz Studies are Bachelor in Music in Performance – Jazz  and short duration diploma programmes. Concordia University is also a good choice for studying Jazz Music as the university’s BFA with concentration in jazz studies, a Bachelor’s degree is a reputed course in this field.

Another name of reputation is McGill University. Bachelor of music, major in jazz performance, Bachelor’s degree and Licentiate in music in jazz performance, a Graduate level certificate course are available at the university.

Application forms of these courses are available for download from the respective university websites. Career aspirants can directly apply to the universities for getting admission for the course of their choice.