Is An Online MBA Worth It?

Getting an MBA degree online has become very popular among MBA aspirants. Few years back, online MBA was regarded as a poor substitutes to the full time regular MBA course.

It was considered substandard and undervalued by recruiters due to lack of some key elements like proper learning environment and network.

Though there is still lot of inconsistency within online offerings, but now many high quality online learning technologies have come up, which has redefined the very concept of distant learning and has challenged these preconceptions. There is a dramatic shift in the system of education along with the change in business environment.

Many distant learning institutions now link up their globally diversified students with the help of advanced online technologies. Many of these institutions have adopted a face to face interaction instead of the old method of self learning. Technology now allows distant learning student to enter an online environment and participate in class discussion and learn the case methods thoroughly along with other essential elements and soft skills now crucial to MBA programs.

Some well known distance learning business institutions are providing their students with technologies like videoconference session, which allows student face to face interaction with their professors and classmates. Now working professionals who want to advance their career but can’t afford to stop working, can take the advantage of online MBA studies and pursue the degree at their own time.

Even the working mothers or stay at home mothers can take the advantage of online MBA. Those who are working get the opportunity to practice on job what they have learned.

It has been observed that major multi national companies are also now hiring candidates who have done their MBA from reputed distant learning institute. There are now numerous highly sophisticated choice of institutions for an applicant who wants to pursue MBA through distant learning.

Candidates must consider the reputation, brand, quality of the program while choosing an institution for pursuing online MBA. A good quality distance learning MBA program from a reputed institution will add the same value to your career as a fulltime Master of Business Administration.

Moreover the cost of regular MBA is far more expensive than a distance learning program.  Now technology enables you to pursue MBA along with your job and advance in your career.

Preeti Mehta