International Internship in Hospitality

hospitality Lots of university and college students get enrolled in international internship in hospitality throughout the world every year. There are mainly two types of hospitality internship. These are known as paid hospitality internship and unpaid hospitality internship.

Students are generally hired for an internship during summer, fall and spring semesters. Internship is a short training through which the students groom themselves for the trade they are in. Mostly, hospitality students are offered internship that lasts from 3 months to 6 months.

Aspects of hospitality internship

Students can avail internship in hospitality in fields such as event planning, operation management, customer service, marketing and event planning. If you are hospitality student and you want to build your career in the hospitality or tourism industry, internship in hospitality abroad is highly recommended for you.

Some of the offshore countries where you can have a dream internship program include United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, Canada, United States of America, New Zealand and Australia.

Hospitality internship in UK

United Kingdom offers paid internship programs to both EU students as well as non-EU students. The UK hospitality internship programs are tailored for students who have the urge to enhance their English language skills. These programs also offer the students opportunities to obtain practical work experience in highly charged atmosphere.

Hospitality internship in France

France offers wonderful hospitality internship programs to both European and non-European students. Most of the programs are paid. The students are also offered accommodation and meal during the period of their internship.

Hospitality internship in Italy

Italy offers different unpaid internship programs in hospitality industry. A student pursuing hospitality internship in Italy is first required to complete a preparatory course of Italian language. After the language course is finished, the students get placement in related company and organization for practical work knowledge.