Interdisciplinary Education Program in USA

Interdisciplinary Craze for interdisciplinary education program in USA is very high. Interdisciplinary studies in USA are quite helpful for people who are indecisive about seeking a definite study program. Such people can opt for Bachelor of Science interdisciplinary degree which merges different fields of education into single innovative course.

Bachelor of Science interdisciplinary degree

Interdisciplinary course is also known as multidisciplinary education program. This pioneering program is specifically designed to match the requirements of multitalented students who possess common interest for more than one educational discipline. The Bachelor of Science interdisciplinary degree course combines areas such as arts, social science, physical science and biological science. Arts subjects included in this novel program include literature and language. Social science subjects which the students of interdisciplinary are taught include humanities and sociology.

Bachelor of Science interdisciplinary studies in USA allow the students to fix their own direction towards their professional goals. Students of interdisciplinary studies in USA are also offered bachelor degrees in other areas such as education, child development and industrial technology.

Characteristic coursework

Coursework featured in interdisciplinary programs mostly focus on classical education which includes classical analysis, classical thinking, technological skills and verbal as well as written communication abilities. Bachelor degree in interdisciplinary study programs also includes areas of general education such as mathematics, psychology, music and computer science.

Career prospects

Career prospects for interdisciplinary professionals are very bright. Interdisciplinary bachelor programs are believed to train the students for various career positions. The interdisciplinary programs enable the students to combine various educational disciplines together. Therefore, interdisciplinary graduates can explore coveted career positions in fields such as social science, physical science, history, computer technology, advertising, journalism and counseling.

High career prospects involved in interdisciplinary education programs have led many other Asian countries like India, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and China to follow the trend and start this educational discipline in their own countries.  Large numbers of students from these countries are also making beelines in US schools for obtaining interdisciplinary bachelor programs.