Importance of a Good Cover Letter

Cover letters are as important as the resumes. A good cover letter helps you in getting the job which you want. It often happens that your entire concentration is on preparing the resume and you may think that the cover letters are not that useful. But there is a probability that your resume goes to a trash can if there is a lack of a good cover letter. There may be employers who will be interested in your cover letter and go to the resume only if they find that the cover letter is a good one.

So it is clear that a good cover letter is required in order to grab the attention of a prospective employer. The candidates are often confused that what should be there in a cover letter so that their candidature for a job is put firmly and solidly.

One of the important mistakes which we make while writing a cover letter is how we address a person in the cover letter. We often address the prospective employers in an impersonal way even though we are aware about their names and designations. It looks very similar to a junk mail.

Write the name and the designation of the concerned person in the cover letter. Even if you are not aware about the name of the person to be addressed, you can make a bit of effort here. You can call the company and ask the names of the concerned persons.

Another important aspect to take care of is the length of the cover letter. The cover letters should be ideally of a single page only. It’s not good to write a cover letter which is lengthy. Nobody has the time to go the full length. So the cover letter has to be concise and it should be meaningful.

The cover letter should mention about you in short especially mention those things which directly relates to the job at hand. The employer should think that you are a good candidate for the job. Tell in short about your qualification and the relevant experience. The employer should have a preliminary idea that you are fit for the job. You should also mention that why you have applied for the job. You should also sound assertive and serious in the cover letter.


I am an MA in English and an MBA from ICFAI. Love to write.