Hydrotherapy Education Program in USA

High level of fun and excitement is associated with a career in hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is included in wellness industry. It is closely associated with Jacuzzi, sauna and spa management. Hydrotherapy is an alternate mode of treatment which uses the healing touch of water for curing purposes. This mode of treatment is mainly used to treat and reduce stress, discomfort, knee pain, neck pain, back pain, arthritis, hyperthermia, sports injuries and muscular contraction. People who have undergone surgery also avail hydrotherapy for speedy recovery. Hydrotherapy which is also known as hydropathy uses the warmth, buoyancy and turbulence of water for healing purposes.

Practicing methods

Hydrotherapy is usually practiced by qualified naturopathic physicians, massage therapists, physiologists and sports therapists. There are several practicing methods of hydrotherapy and all of them are very interesting. Some of the most popular practicing methods of hydrotherapy are water exercise, cold as well as hot compress, icing sprain, steam-bath, soaking in whirlpool or tub, sauna, Jacuzzi, enema, douche and colonic therapy.

Hydrotherapy education programs

Hydrotherapy is an important part of naturopathy. Therefore, a degree program in naturopathy also includes hydrotherapy as one of the study topics. Some of the elements of hydrotherapy like cold and hot compresses are also included in sports therapy. In order to become hydrotherapy professional, you may earn associate degree, bachelor degree or master degree in various massage therapy programs.

Before you choose a particular hydrotherapy course, make sure if the degree which is being offered carries approval of National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork or not. A college degree with this approval may boost your career prospects in hydrotherapy and help you earn certification as well as licensure.

Popular schools

Hydrotherapy education program in USA is offered by large numbers of universities and colleges. Popular among them are Denver School of Massage Therapy, International Professional School of Bodywork and Cortiva Institute.

Some of the US institutes also offer continuing education programs in hydrotherapy. These programs are specifically meant for working professionals belonging to healthcare industry.