Human Resources Degree Offered Through The Four Colleges In Singapore.

HR Management’ is one of the well recognized functions in the present corporate scenario. That is probably the reason for the many human resource jobs that are said to be available. In fact, ‘HR Management’ has gained such importance that it is considered as a separate branch of specialization in the field of Management. Plus, it’s not easy to get into the shoes of an ‘HR manager’ without the requisite educational background, and that would aptly be a human resources degree’.

A ‘human resources degree’ can be pursued both as a full time HR Management course or a HR Management course from any of the distance learning Universities. Now, let’s look into the four colleges in Singapore that offer graduate and postgraduate courses in HR Management.

‘East Asia Institute of Management’ is one of the leading educational institutions at Singapore, and has been functioning since over twenty five years. ‘East Asia Institute of Management’ actually happens to be a private institution. This College in Singapore offers two courses in HR Management. The first one is a ‘Management of Business Administration in Human Resource Management’, and this degree is awarded by ‘Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh’.

This particular ‘human resources degree’ costs about 27,900 Singapore Dollars for the entire course.  The second one is a ‘Master of Business Administration in International Human Resource Management’, and this human resources degree is awarded by ‘University of Southern Queensland’.

The fee for this entire course is 22,800 Singapore Dollars. The third full time human resources degree is offered through ‘Nanyang Institute of Management’ at Singapore, and this particular degree is awarded by ‘University of Ballarat’. This human resources degree spreads over an academic period of about 16 months and the entire course costs about 22,500 Singapore Dollars.

Distance educational courses:

* ‘Kaplan Singapore’ is a private College in Singapore that offers a ‘Master of Science in Human Resources’ over an academic period of one and a half years. This is one of the distance educational courses offered by ‘Kaplan Singapore’. The academic body that awards the degree for this human resources degree is ‘National University of Ireland’.

* Another one of the distance courses at Singapore that awards a ‘human resources degree’ is ‘Master of Science in Human Resource Management’ that’s offered through ‘PBS Marketing and Management Services Pte Ltd’. This institution has been in existence since 1993.