Human Resources Degree Courses Offered Through Queensland University of Technology

Human Resources degree has gained a lot of importance since the corporates have realized the importance of HR Management, and that’s the reason why there has been a hike in the human resource recruitment.

So, if one wishes to pursue a human resources degree at Master’s level, through an Australian University, then Queensland University of Technology is a great option. ‘Queensland University of Technology’ is a well known Australian University that offers eight full time human resources degrees. Let us now take a peep into each of these human resources degrees offered by this Australian University.

The first human resources degree offered by ‘Queensland University of Technology’ is ‘Master of Business in Human Resources Degree through advanced mode’. This human resources degree comprises of four semesters only. Then the second one is ‘Master of Business in HR Management’, and this human resources degree course is offered over changeable study duration.

Then there are six combined human resources degree programs offered by this Australian University. Dual specialization is quite common, but at this Australian University we get to see relevant dual specializations like ‘Master of Business in HR Management and Integrated Marketing Communication’, this specialization helps one understand the marketing tactics that one can use to serve effectively as a HR Manager; ‘Master of Business in HR Management and Public Relations’, this is a combination that helps one understand more about maintaining the corporate’s image and handling critical situations; ‘Master of Business in HR Management and Strategic Advertising’, this combination is great for anybody looking a human resource job in any field, because advertising is one HR tool used by all corporates; ‘Master of Business in HR Management and Marketing’, this is a great combination of two lucrative fields that one can pursue; ‘Master of Business in HR Management and Philantrophy and non profit studies’, and ‘Master of Business in HR Management and International Business’, this is a combination that is best suited for those who are highly ambitious and open to overseas human resource jobs.

Each of these eight human resources degree courses, but the second one, extends to an academic period of four semesters. Each of the eight human resources degree courses costs about 11,000 Australian Dollars for each semester. These HR Management courses usually commence in the months of February and July. Accommodation facilities are also provided by this Australian University.